The Unspinners

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The Unspinners

DAP terima Boboi sebagai penyelemat ummah?

Posted: 11 Dec 2016 07:45 PM PST

Bolehkah kulit babai di samak?

Demikian usaha Mahathir untuk bantu DAP dibersihkan dari dosa lepasnya sebagai rasis, chauvanis, diktator, komunis, kini liberal, anti-Melayu, anti Islam dll. Tuduhan ini datangnya dari Mahathir anatara lain.

Kini Mahathir mula memuji DAP dan usaha persoalkan tuduhan UMNO terhadap DAP dengan turut sama menyerang MCA.

Menurut RPKdi, Mahathir sudah asyik gagal dan kewujudannya dalam pembangkang hanya kucar kacirkan keadaan. Peluang mendatang sebaik sahaja Lim Kit Siang menyembah mahukan Mahathir datang ke Konvensyen DAP.
Mahathir's main agenda is to make Boboi the next Prime Minister and secure the RM100 billion that he has parked under trustees, nominees, proxies and cronies. And he will do anything just to see this happen even if he needs to burn down the whole country and see thousands dying on the streets. After all, he did cause hundreds of deaths from cholera just to punish the Kelantanese for voting for PAS-Semangat 46 in 1990. So what is a few hundred more dead Malaysians in this game of thrones? 
Where you sit shows who you are in the bigger scheme of things 
When Kit Siang phoned him on Saturday begging him to attend DAP's convention, Mahathir saw this as an opportunity. Kit Siang needed Mahathir more than Mahathir needed Kit Siang because Najib had just delivered a death blow to DAP earlier that day. DAP had earlier announced that Mahathir was not invited to DAP's convention so if they now want him to attend they would have to pay a dear price indeed for Mahathir to say yes. 
Mahathir told Kit Siang he would attend on condition the latter agrees to Boboi instead of Anwar as the Prime Minister in the event the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan wins the next general election. Kit Siang is, after all, the real leader of the opposition so it is within his power to say yes or no. PKR and PAN would have no choice but to just go along with it or else get wiped out totally in the next general election. 
Kit Siang thought about it for awhile and saw the potential in Boboi rather than Anwar as Prime Minister. Anwar is very slimy and dangerous to be put in charge. He is always scheming and trying to get the better of you and does and say opposite things. Anwar can say one thing to the Muslims in the Middle East and the opposite to the Jews in America. Basically he has many faces and you never know which is his real face. 
Muhyiddin no longer the DAP-led Pakatan's choice for Prime Minister 

Ha ha ha ... hujah politik boboi
Boboi, however, is a bit more slow in the head. Boboi's only strength is that he is Mahathir's son. Mahathir may be around till the next general election in 2017-2018 but for sure he would not still be around for the 2022-2023 general election. Once Mahathir is dead Boboi would become a non-entity. So it is better to have a dull-witted Boboi rather than a slimy Anwar as the Prime Minister. Kit Siang can easily makan Boboi whereas Anwar may makan Kit Siang instead.

Nampaknya demikianlah politik Mahathir.

Sementara itu, DAP pun mula bermasaalah

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