The Unspinners

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The Unspinners

Bang Non pun tarik dan taruk pelaburan China, Kadiq

Posted: 06 Nov 2016 03:55 PM PST

Abang Non pun taruk pelaburan dari China, Pak Kadiaq!

Hang ingat, kami melawak ka? Penang kita dah cerita. Sekarang jawab pula hal Selangor yang diusahakan Teresa Cock.

Mungkin usaha ini yang bawa pasangan segama Bang Non yang merupakan rakan baik Pak Kadiq untuk beri peluang dia dulu beli TV3 dan NSTP.

Hang setia dengan itu ulaq dan papasan, satu habuq dia tak kasi apa.

Siapa tu papasan?

Hang baca di Snapshot 2016

Cuba cakap jangan mengarut seperti berikut:

Kadir Jasin says "Show Us Genuine China Money" and challenged Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani and Datuk Muhammad Ibrahim to show us the pay-in slips to prove that the China companies are actually bringing in the capital.
According to Malaysian media reports, RM143.64 billion worth of deals were signed during Najib's this week's visit to China.
LMAO!! What a stupid fool this person is.
These are MOUs signed. They don't sign and then bank all into your account.
They will invest and disburse the payments in stages based on the project progress over the years. - just like any other investment commitments.
Does this Pak Kadir know anything or not?
You think these companies from China and the China Govt is play play is it?
Last time I had asked you to prove how you financed your 20% purchase of Realmild which ended up owing the multi-billion MRCB, TV3 and NSTP.
I had also challenged you to show us what happened to the money when you sold that 20% stake.
This is well within your control as this is a straight-forward purchase and sale of shares so it is easy to show us your money flows.
But you refused and ran away.
Now you come here to ask something stupid like asking foreign investors to show you bank-in slips?
Go dream on.

Mana ada biznes billion billion pakai bank-in slip. Guna remittance. Mana drawdown sekali rap. Sign MOU terus bank-in?

Dulu beli TV3 dan NSTP ada masuk wang RM800 juta ka dulu? Company paid up cuma RM100,000!!!

Ingat tu ka cara Malaysian Business niaga. Padan tutup ... kah kah kah.

Puak sana ni melampau spin.

Cuba jawab mana konsultansi paling mahal dalam dunia hingga RM300 juta untuk hal tunnel Pulau Pinang.

Keluarga kamu dah jelas korup hingga ada dakwaan di mahkamah dan DAP kini Developer Association of Penang.

Incredible lack of understanding by Lim Kit Siang of how China works.
Firstly, there is no democracy or elections in China. So Kit Siang would not even be a politician and would probably still be running his legal practice.
Secondly, China has a very hard-line approach in dealing with people who make silly statements such as what Kit Siang just said. His statement would not even be carried by media portals if this was China.
Thirdly, Kit Siang would already long be in jail if this was China.
Fourthly, His son would already be in jail for corruption even before his trial starts.
Fifthly, your BERSIH demonstration would have been met with tanks.
And lastly, most analysts and China-watchers believe that the corruption crack-down in China is a move to consolidate power and to remove certain people.
If Kit Siang does not understand China, please don't open your mouth and embarrass yourself.


Disebalik kritikan Kadir tu sebenarnya dia old school racist.

Kadir questions Najib's tilt towards China

Fahamilah realiti yang perlu pragmatis:

It's about being pragmatic, not geopolitics

Sebenarnya dia banyak cayang sama Singapork:

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