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Much ado about Aunty Anne's Pretzel Dog

Posted: 18 Oct 2016 11:31 PM PDT

First of all, am I eligible to comment?

Yes I do. I was in charge of licensing at Putrajaya. Yes that top echelon of the much dreaded License Officer who evaluate all license application before ushering and defending their cases before the License Committee of Perbadanan Putrajaya for final approval .
Fast forward to the current situation. The present brouhaha regarding Pretzel Dog has taken into new heights. Frenzied netizens, including Muslims, fail to see the consequences of releasing that hot doggie pretzel to members of the public and impact it has on Muslim community in years to come

On JAKIM's list of HALAL requirement is the entrepreneur must prove beyond doubt that the food has adhere to ALL JAKIM;'s imposed HALAL procedure.

But there is a catch to it. HALAL certificate is not only imposed on JAKIM requirement. Aunty Anne in this case has to satisfy the requirement imposed by yet another law-The Advertising and Promotion Act! On Advertising and Promotion Act , any words/terms that can MISLED members of the public (misrepresentation) is not allowed.

Let me brief you again . For Food and Beverages outlet to be granted HALAL status, it has to satisfy the requirement of both JAKIM HALAL procedure and also the Advertising and Promotion Act. Didn't I told told you about that doggie hoggie pretzel can cause a lot of confusion in later years? That this hoggie doggie pretzel thingy will someday evolve into yet another application of similar controversies the likes of Hotel ALL WHORE, or HALAL DOG or HALAL PORK food. 

Remember the issue may seem petty at this moment but it can evolve into something sinister in future. To let Aunty Aunt get away with Pretzel Dog and flaunt the Advertising and Promotion Act is like opening floodgate which one day will overwhelm the Muslims in later years. Laws are made to be kept and protect the citizens of Malaysia. Had I not told you that Article 4 in The Constitutions stated that The Constitution is the highest Law in this land and Article 3(1) of the same Constitutions stated that Islam is the religion of this land!

The choice is yours fellow Muslims. Do you want to open the floodgate now?

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