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Posted: 31 May 2016 12:14 AM PDT

Media Conference at DAP Service Centre, Ayer Tawar, Perak on 31-5-2016 at 11.00 a.m. by Ngeh Koo Ham, DAP State Assemblyman for Sitiawan Perak.

BN Perak Government must come clean on its policy with regard to the premium payable for renewal of leases for Planned Villages (Kampong Tersusun) and Chinese New Villages.

Perak Pakatan Rakyat Government in 2008 had a policy of emphasising good governance and collecting minimum tax from the people of Perak.

Pursuant to the said policy, the Perak PR Government implemented a policy giving 80% discount of land premium payable for the renewal of all titles in Planned Villages (Kampong Tersusun) and Chinese New Villages. Apart from the 80% discount of land premium, the Perak PR government also approved freehold titles for those in Planned Villages and Chinese New Villages. It was the policy of Perak PR Government to enrich and empower its people. A freehold title will increase the value of the properties in Planned Villages and Chinese New Villages. The residents in turn are able to use their land titles to obtain loans from financial institutions to rebuild their houses and shophouses, many of which were in dilapidated conditions.

After the power grab by the BN on 6/2/2009, they proclaimed that they will continue with the 80% premium discount policy but will only approve leases up to a maximum period of  99 years.

Perak BN government was deceptive. Perak BN government only granted 50% premium discount for titles approved with 99 years lease. I was one of its first victim. Though I paid up, I pursued this issue for the benefits of the people of Perak. Finally, the Perak BN government relented and allowed 80% discount of premium for land with 99 years lease.

However, over time the Perak BN government has gone back on its promise. It excluded shophouses in the Chinese New Villages from any premium discount. New Villagers with shophouses have to pay tens of thousands of ringgit in premium. 

Recently, it has started to exclude the spouse or children of the registered owners from any discount thereby causing them to pay many times more the premium that needs to be paid. One of such cases is the case of Too Oong Ching. He was asked to pay RM25,500-00  for the renewal of a housing plot in Kampong Raja Hitam new village.

I protested and brought the matter to the attention of the MCA State Executive of the Perak Government, Dato Mah Hang Soon who then brought the matter to the attention of the Executive Council of the Perak Government which then agreed to allow 80%  premium discount to be given for the said case. The premium was reduced to RM5,100-00, a huge saving of RM20,400-00 for Mr Too Oong Ching.

I believe many have become victims of the deceptive change of policy of the Perak BN State Government and call upon them to ask for refund from the Perak BN Government if they have paid their premiums in full.

Without the Opposition's constant check on the Perak BN Government, the Perak BN Government would want to exact the last pound of flesh from the people of Perak due to its poor governance and pilferage which caused it to be in constant want of money to administer the State. 

The PR Perak Government gave huge premium discounts to the people because we wanted to lighten the loan on the people of Perak. We were able to do so due to our efficient and non-tolerance of corruption in our government.

The Perak BN Government must emulate the Perak PR Government in acting fairly when computing the premium payable when a title is renewed. The Perak BN Government must take into account the balance lease period before a title is renewed and the premium payment must be reduced accordingly as was done by the Perak PR Government.

I call on the Menteri Besar of Perak, Dato Seri Zambry Bin Abdul Kadir to come clean on this matter and explain in clear terms the Perak BN Government's policy on the renewal of titles for Planned Villages and Chinese New Villages. I call on him to restore the 80% premium discount for shophouses in Chinese New Villages which has been abolished. Shophouses in Chinese New Villages are operating small businesses and struggling to survive. The government should be considerate and not impose exorbitant premium on them.

Sitiawan State Assemblyman &
Member of  Parliament for  Beruas

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