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Pak Sedaro sengajo tempel 3 post komentar ini AGAR rakyat RAJA yang cinta akan Negara ini fikir. Fikir berasaskan perihal tahun 1262, bagaimana asas Negara ini. Perkara 153 dan Perkara 160, Perkara 160(2), Perkara 32 dan Bahagian 2, Perlembagaan Persekutuan 1957.

Tanpa Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang termaktub, maka apa yang dihujahkan oleh MEREKA ialah retorika orientalis dan fahaman Liberalisme Ala Amerika Syarikat, yang mirip manusia telanjang bulat dan bergelimpangan di atas gurun Kalahari, menyelam dalam air di Kutub Selatan yang hanya menunggu detik KEMATIAN ABADI.

Siapakah mereka ini? Rakyat Malaysia merdeka? Atau rakyat merdeka Malaysia? Atau rakyat yang baling taik kepada Malaysia yang berdaulat dan merdeka? Apakah makna 14 Februari 1942 kepada mereka? Apakah makna 5 April 1943 kepada mereka? Apakah erti dan makna Komunisme, gerakan Min Yuen, gerakan saraf Bukit Zion, dan gerakan Syiah kepada mereka? Apakah makna episod Julai 1950 kepada mereka? Apakah makna tanggal 23 Oktober 1969 kepada mereka? Apakah makna 13 Mei 1969 kepada mereka? Apakah makna April 1965 kepada mereka?

Hari ini UMNO tidak menjawab dengan Bil-Hikmah perihal ini! Hari ini askar dan kader BN sedang berdengkur dalam gelegak Gunung Berapi Pinatubo! Hari ini perajurit, pendekar, pahlawan, panglima yang WAJIB diupaya padukan, tidak diberi mandat yang sebenar dan mencukupi untuk BERPERANG. Perang Saraf dan Gerak Saraf, kajilah amalan Templer semasa 1950 hingga 1957.

Komentar dari chedetblog.

By iljaivolgin2 August 26, 2010 6:42 AM

I'm sorry but this post does not make any sense. How is meritocracy racist at all? Meritocracy allows those who are most deserving to receive fruits of their labour. I'm malay and I find it SO annoying when other people think that I got a scholarship because of my race (i.e. all malays get scholarships easily, even the less clever ones can get them). Well I got my scholarship because of my achievements, NOT because of my race. And I feel that someone who does well should be rewarded, whatever their race. That would surely drive the Malays to work harder, rather than being so complacent because 'the government will help anyway, so why work hard?' And of course, by posting this, I will labelled as a betrayer. Just like how german people where labelled 'race-defilers' in Nazi germany whenever they disagreed with Hitler or how Russians were labelled 'anti-people' whenever they disagreed with Stalin.

By The Hidden Secret August 26, 2010 3:13 AM

Peace Tun and others.

Why did The Queen of England sign the "Pemasyhuran Kemerdekaan 1957" with DULI-DULI YANG MAHA MULIA RAJA-RAJA MELAYU?

Why didn't The Queen of England sign it with Tunku Abdul Rahman?

Why didn't The Queen of England sign it with Tun Tan Cheng Lock?

Why didn't The Queen of England sign it with Tun Sambanthan?



By ah_huat August 26, 2010 12:08 AM

Mr Mahatir, Did you read the a comment written by a foreign writer Bryant? i think it's so good and worth reading....

Dear Mahathir,

China is coming up, India is coming up, Vietnam is coming up and now even Russia is on the rise. In this flat but wired world regardless of whether we are Malaysian Malay, Chinese or Indian, if Malaysia fails to progress, all of us will become history of this country. Without the Malays, Chinese could not do well in the country and without the Chinese, Malays will not do well either. Both have to work together to uplift Malaysia and mitigate the acute impact that is being brought about by globalisation. For me, a true leader is someone who has the vision that focuses not just on one particular ethnic group in the country but instead nurture the future for everyone. A good leader is someone who knows what the biggest threat the country is facing and directs the people to stave off that threat. A good leader is also someone who is impartial in his ability to promote harmony in the country for as long as possible.

UMNO is a political loser leading the country to nowhere. They do not have the capacity or unction to understand what is going on in the outside world. They have no serious idea where Malaysia will be in the next 30 years. With the emergence of the three new superpowers, India, China and Russia, standing tall and alongside the USA and the European Union, UMNO knows nothing of the kind of world it will shape up to be and how Malaysia may or may not be able to share let alone compete for the ever diminishing slice of cake of the world economy.

UMNO only knows how to get the Malays to fight with other non-Malays on insignificant issues within Malaysia, while in the meantime everyone knows all too well that these issues are oftentimes trivial, self-destructive and merely self-serving.

UMNO has no genuine interests in learning how their impoverished Malays will go on living in the future and they have no welfare concern as to what benefits them. UMNO's chief aim is to garner votes from them. The practical outcome of the NEP is good enough evidence on how the party benefits the cronies but not the huge segment of destitute Malays. Despite all their despicable acts they are still in the power.

As you are aware, the Malays control the rights to all the lands and natural resources in this country. They control all government institutions, GLC and state-owned companies. The Malays also dominate the lawmaking process in Malaysia including the decision-making processes in the formulation of the country's economy policies.

From statistics we also know now that the Malays not only own the largest national assets but are also freely – and without conditions – allocated shares in public-listed companies. The Malays have also been accorded all kind of priorities when it comes to buying properties, awarding of public contracts, tertiary education opportunities including the granting of scholarships and even securing jobs in any of the government departments and agencies.

Yet with all these privileges and rights enjoyed by the Malays, you still complain that not enough is done to help the Malays to catch up with the other ethnic groups, principally the Chinese? Then what else should Malaysia do to satisfy the Malays? Did the Chinese seize or rob anything away from the Malays or were their accomplishments the result of their hard work?

If it is all due to their diligence, why do you say it is unfair? Many of us don't quite get your point here. May I therefore ask you what you expect the Chinese to do in the event that your so-called NEP fail to achieve the desired result?

Would the Malays be happier if the ethnic Chinese in your country do any of the followings:
- surrender their assets and hard earned money to the Malays unconditionally;
- not to engage in any business activities;
- not to do well in all sort of school, college and tertiary examinations;
- not to earn more income or achieve greater than the Malays;
- not to advance to higher education; or
- renounce their citizenships and return to China or migrate to somewhere else?

I am a foreigner but I am surprised that your underlying intention is to ultimately divide your own country. It is so obvious that you are mainly targeting the Chinese. Frankly, tell us, what do you expect the Chinese to do in order to achieve what is so called "equality" as you so define it yourself?

Mr Mahathir, after all these criticisms you have railed against the present government, many of us feel that you are beginning to sound irrational because your arguments lack logic.

You have basically exhausted all forms of good reasoning because you hardly sound convincing to any of us. Some of us think that your poor conduct might be owed to your ever increasing jealousy of the highly successful Mr Lee Kuan Yew, your former nemesis in Singapore.

I suppose that reality is always hard to accept let alone swallow. No matter how you slice it, you must accept the fact that Mr Lee is rightly regarded the Father of Singapore but given your racist attitudes, you can hardly be called the Father of Malaysia. Mr Mahathir, accept the fact that unlike you, Mr Lee continues to be a force of influence to the government of Singapore and he will likely be until the day he dies.

On the other hand you lost all abilities to influence the government the moment you stepped off the dais as the country's prime minister.

You also need to tacitly accept that Mr Lee remains intellectually sharp (sharper than you, we think) and immensely popular on the world stage. Mr Lee continues to be an international leader respected by many but unfortunately, try as you may, you are not quite so. Maybe that is why you sought out your popularity in certain African and North African states where some think you are god. That must be good for your ego but Mr Mahathir, it does nothing for your country's economy though.

Because of your jealousies toward Mr Lee, your views become blinkered and unbalanced as you continue to train your personal hatred at him across the border. All these eventually manifest themselves into a series of diabolical attacks against your successors in your own country.

We may be foreigners but we can see so obviously that you are unhappy whenever your successors become more popular than you. Is there any good in doing that? What is your intention? Can't you take a back seat and chill out? Your time is over. Retire gracefully and enjoy your sunsets. Most political leaders around the world do that. Why don't you do the same as others? Why do you continue to meddle? I don't get you at all.

During your "rule," you were critical of most of the developed countries aiming more specifically at the western sphere usually out of jealousy. And then after you had stepped down from office, you criticised (and continue to do so) every single minister who served you and still remained in the cabinet simply because you believed they didn't listen to you. Mr Mahathir, when will you ever stop criticising anyone? Can't you respect the decisions of others?

Back to your recent blog, is there anything wrong with the Chinese in this country? Do they seize or rob the money away from the Malays? Do they have the ability to come out with any policies to marginalise the Malays? Do they dominate the lawmaking process of this country? Do they formulate the economy policies in this country? Do they control the government departments and agencies in this country? Do they control the state-owned companies and GLC in this country? Do they control the country's largest resource (oil) companies and banks? Of course you know the answers, right? Malays are the one who dominate the lawmaking process of this country; Malays are the one who formulate the economy policies in this country and in so doing, shape them to exclusively favour the Malays; Malays are the ones who control the government departments and agencies not to mention also the state-owned companies, GLCs as well as the country's largest resource (oil) companies and almost every single major financial institution; Malays are the ones who control the funds in this country.

With all these exclusive non-negotiable rights enjoyed by the Malays, what else do you want the Chinese to do? Do you want them to surrender their homes and savings including their wealth that they earned with their hard work to the Malays? Or do you want to ask all the Chinese to return their citizenship and leave the country? If you condone your fellow Malays in accusing the Chinese of being squatters (pendatang) in your country, I guess that is what it amounts to, right?

Mr Mahathir, have you ever stop to think why 30 years of implementing the NEP had not brought about the desired results or should I say, not achieved the principal objectives and that is to economically equip ALL the Malays in the country? Maybe the NEP could have but you and your cronies denied it the ability to; instead allowed the system to carry on for more years than it ought to so that others can call you god because of the illicit money you funnelled to them. Under the NEP there is a complex series of policies that favours the Malays. And despite these policies, the Malays still can't get what they want – again the question is what else do you want the Chinese to do? Do you blame the Chinese simply because they are industrious and focused? Or should you level your blame at those Malays who do not treasure the opportunities that you claim you have given them? Having asked that did you or did you not give them these opportunities?

You definitely are aware that the NEP has been misused for at least 23 years (while you were in office), benefiting only your cronies and those who aim to stroke your ego as they seek favours from you. Since it is apparent that the NEP was reshaped by you to serve and benefit you and your cronies, then refrain from blaming the Chinese when the average Malay continues to languish in your country. It has nothing to do with the Chinese but NEP and the Malay themselves.

This is a globalised world, Mr Mahathir. The Chinese and Malays should not be fighting against each other because Malaysia needs to focus on competing on an international scale.

China used to lie in the backwaters, lagging seriously behind Malaysia but that seems a long time ago now. Today they have not only caught up but have sped past Malaysia to compete with far larger economic rivals like the USA , Japan and Europe. Mr Mahathir, do you think you can ask them to slow down their development so that your country can play catch up? If the Chinese government refuses to listen, will you then make a complaint to the United Nations that China is developing too fast and this is unfair to Malaysia , which adapts a more passive approach? Who gives you the right to prevent others from progressing? Who do you think you are? This is a flat world – obviously, Mr Mahathir, you did not read the book named "The World is Flat" but I encourage you to. The problem with you is that you are so narrow-minded that you level your sights on only the Chinese and/or Malays in your country. You would be doing Malaysia a larger favour if or when you learn that in the end we're all living in a flat world. In other words, look farther and more horizontally askance at the bigger world out there. That's the world that Malaysia continues to flounder so long as you and the blinkered UMNO have exclusive say over how your country is run. And if Malaysia remains in its doldrums state within the next few years, believe me, it will be irrelevant whether you are Malay or Chinese; because the country will then have to fight for scraps with Somalia . Imagine that. Have a God-blessed day.

P.S. Mr Mahathir, you are not even Malay but an Indian at and by birth. In other words, you criminally exploited the NEP to your own advantage. You helped UMNO to facilitate Barisan Nasional to rob the country and claim the wealth for your own. You made yourself out to be god but you were instrumental in destroying the integrity of the poor Malays who needed government assistance. Shame on you.

Bilo Rakyat RAJA Dayus!

Posted: 26 Aug 2010 08:33 AM PDT

Pak Sedaro buat analisa kopitiam, pabilo Rakyat Raja Bacul dan Dayus, sobonar yang lobih topat bilo saf pemimpin Rakyat Raja bacul dan dayus, dari kalangan UMNO, PAS, PKR, PRM, PSM, AKIM, sebagainya...yang melabel mereka sebagai parti siasah umat Melayu untuk Rakyat Malaysia..., maka:

1. PRU 12, bungkus. Melayu dikafankan. Pembaco talkin ialah DAP, MCA dan MIC, PPP, IPF. Penggali lubang kubur ialah juak-juak Melayu yang dibayar upah oleh Komunis, Nasrani, Majusi dan Zionis.

2. Tragedi simbah cat, bakar, mungkin bom gasolin, lastik, pecah masuk, menceroboh, MENGHINA, dan mencaca-marba institusi Agama, khasnya Surau dan Masjid, gereja, kuil, tokong dan apa jua penyembahan berhala, merupakan pukulan langsung kepada gelagat mereka yang bahalol, Perkara 3, Perkara 12(1).

3. Kisah dan sorotan peristiwa ugutan, cacian dan sepak terajang Perkara 153, Keranda 153 secara lebih tepat, Keranda 152, Keranda 160 (2) merupakan implikasi kepada kejatuhan ilmu politiking Pemimpin Melayu.

Tiga subjek besar ini, cukup mencermin bagaimana akhirnya penderhaka dan pengkhianat Negara boleh membayar warga negara Indonesia untuk melakukan drama yang mengimbau dan mengembalikan Kisah Ganyang Malaya di tahun 1965. Apabilo Kedutaan Malaysia dijatuhkan kedaulatan sedemikian, memberi makna bahawa Maruah Negara Tanah Melayu ini telah diancam. Jika Kedutaan ini dibom suatu masa kelak, maka rakyat fahaman Komunis Indonesia telah membuka pintu PEPERANGAN dengan Malaysia. Sudah pasti Presiden SBY tidak mahu ini berlaku. Kepentingan dagangan Indonesia-Malaysia berjumlah USD20 billion setahun, dan ini terus meningkat pada kadar 12.5% setahun.

Musang berjanggut, namanya Bro Anwar Bin Ibrahim kena ditarik keistimewaan sebagai Wakil Rakyat. Pasport antarabangsa Bro Anwar Bin Ibrahim mesti disimpan oleh Ketua Keselamatan Negara, di Jabatan Perdana Menteri. Sekutu dan tali barut Israel Zionis kena di hadap ke muka pengadilan SECEPAT MUNGKIN. Ada 25 orang manusia pengkhianat di Bumi Tanah Melayu ini. Ini termasuklah beberapa melaun dalam UMNO, MCA, MIC, PPP, tidak dilupakan PAS, PKR, DAP dan kumpulan yang bukan partisan politik. Siapa mereka, Pak Sedaro tak payah jawab. Fail mereka ada di Pejabat Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang telah diperturunkan sejak zaman Tun Abdul Razak lagi, akhirnya disaring oleh Tun Dr. Mahathir.

Hari ini, mereka sekitar umur 55 tahun ke 85 tahun, yang paling muda sekitar 35 tahun.

Namun demikian, oleh kerana rakyat Raja tidak mahu ambil "pusing" dan anggap Perlembagaan Persekutuan 1957 hanyalah untuk loyar buruk dan mereka yang terlibat khusus dalam perundangan, maka ramailah yang Buta Perlembagaan Persekutuan 1957.

Bilo ada badan khusus, seperti BTN khabarnya mendewasa dan mematang intisari dan saripati Perlembagaan Persekutuan 1957, badan ini telah dilabel sebagai Agen Pelampau Kaum. Sekadar mencelah, apakah kalian hidup di Afrika Selatan? Kalian jiko belum ado peluang berhujah dengan Nelson Mandela, poeilah ke Afrika Selatan. Dio akan bahaskan kepada kalian apo makno Pelampau Perkauman, Apartheid dan makna bangsa Kulit Hitam dan Kulit Putih. Kalian berhijrah ke Australia, sebuah Negara yang dilahirkan daripada Banduan dan Manusia yang di buang Negeri atau Negara oleh Inggeris, hari ini, mereka membuat pengakuan bahawa Australia berdaulat?

Sedarkah kalian di luar sana, bahawa Kerajaan Ratu Inggeris yang telah bermaharajalela sejak 1100 masehi lagi, masih mengekalkan identiti siapa itu Irish, English, Scottish dan 16 suku kaum di Great Britain. Apokah mereka ini yang memberi persetujuan agar Tanah Melayu merdeka, dan iktiraf bahawa Melayu itu Bangsa Teras, Raja Melayu itu pemegang kunci perlembagaan dan Agama Islam sebagai Agama Utama Persekutuan, masih tidak boleh memberi makna kepada kaum-kaum imigran Negara China dan India?

Kalian masih ramai tidak mengerti bicara dalam Bahasa Melayu, pun diberikan anugerah persekutuan bergelar Tun dan Tan Sri! Kalian hari ini, menuntut pula sekitar 25 ribu, tapi mengikut bidikan Pak Sedaro ado 100 ribu manusia dalam Malaysia yang masih pakai Kad Pengenalan Merah ini.

Semak di kampung-kampung baru, bersepah yang ado I/C merah. Semak di estet-estet, di pendalaman Sarawak dan Sabah. Jika diorientasi semula secara massa, bilangan yang masih pegang warna merah atau tiada langsung kad pengenalan sekitar 1.5 juta orang.

Masih ada di kalangan anak-anak yang bersurat beranak Komenwel, di mana ayah dan mak yang tidak bersekolah, lupa daftar semula di Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara, maso mereka masuk maren, akhirnya anak ini yang bersekolah sehingga umur 17 tahun di bumi Malaysia, ikut pengajian di Malaysia hingga IPTS dan IPTA, tidak diiktiraf sebagai rakyat, waima mereka ini Islam! Pak Sedaro jumpo 150 kes seperti ini, mereka mengadu hal. Sampai, di bawa jumpa Setiausaha Politik, Menteri Dalam Negeri pun, tak boleh solosai. Apo punyo bangang, dio orang korjo. Ini orang Islam.

Semua perkara ini, YAB PM dan YAB TPM kena analisa dan kaji. Inilah kepentingan Paneh Miang. Kito prihatin tahap "ROBIN HOOD" untuk mengetuk dan mengebom pintu dan tembok kebal Pejabat PM dan Pejabat TPM, yang nampaknya hingga ke hari ini, juak-juak dan bidak-bidaknya tidak punya bil-hikmah dalam menilai bicarawara Paneh Miang.

Kepado YB Menteri dan YAB Menteri Besar/Ketua Menteri yang Melayu, yang ISLAM; kalian kena buntangkan mato hati, membuana minda bawah sedar kalian. Gunakan Alpha, Theta dan Delta. Jangan asyik guno Beta ajo. Otak Kanan kalian kena dibasuh dan dibraso.

Pak Sedaro nampak bahana besar akan melanda Negara, jiko sentimen dan percikan api yang sedang didodoi dan dimomok dalam otak fikir warganegara dan rakyat TIDAK dicuci kilatkan. Begitu ramai hamba abdi sedang merempat di Bumi Bertuah Tanah Melayu ini...fikirkan, selesaikan, lunaskan.

Jom simbah cat kat tokong...

Posted: 26 Aug 2010 04:40 AM PDT

Kita dah bakar, simbah cat, ludah, kencing, berak semua di tokong, kuil & gereja, lepas tu kita minta maaf jelah. Bukan ada tindakan pun.

SEREMBAN: Ibu bapa kepada empat remaja yang dikaitkan dengan perbuatan menyimbah cat dan membaling botol arak pada surau di Taman Pulai Impian, Sikamat, pada Isnin lepas, hari ini memohon maaf kepada jawatankuasa surau dan masyarakat Islam akibat perbuatan anak mereka itu. Cheng Kok Foo, 38, Wong Seow Wai, 43, Loh Teck Ai, 53 dan Leong Foong Kuen, 53, masing-masing memohon maaf dan bersalaman dengan pengerusi jawatankuasa surau itu, Mohd Hasbi Ismail, dalam satu pertemuan anjuran MCA Negeri Sembilan di surau itu pagi ini. Yang turut hadir Pengerusi MCA Negeri Sembilan Datuk Dr Yeow Chai Thiam dan Ketua Umno Cawangan Taman Panchor Jaya, Arshad Jawi. Ibu bapa kepada empat suspek itu memohon maaf kepada seluruh umat Islam, khasnya di taman perumahan itu, di atas perbuatan anak mereka yang telah menyinggung perasaan umat Islam. Mereka melahirkan rasa kesal dan dukacita dengan kejadian itu yang mereka anggap sebagai satu kesalahan besar. Mohd Hasbi pula berkata beliau dengan rasa hati terbuka menerima permohonan maaf itu. "Saya harap selepas ini mereka dapat membentuk dan mengubah sikap anak mereka agar perkara ini tidak berulang. Nasihatkan mereka jalan yang benar terutama sekali dalam soal agama kerana ia cukup sensitif," katanya. Katanya beliau menghormati usaha yang dilakukan oleh MCA kerana ia telah dapat meredakan ketegangan kaum. "Perkara ini tidak sepatutnya berlaku ke atas mana-mana rumah ibadat. Isu ini adalah isu sensitif yang telah menyinggung perasaan umat Islam di negara ini," katanya. Yeow berkata beliau merasa bertanggungjawab untuk menenangkan keadaan. "Demi perpaduan kaum, saya telah mengatur pertemuan ini agar mereka yang terlibat memohon maaf. Perkara ini berlaku kerana empat suspek terbabit tidak faham dan tidak sangka perkara ini sensitif. Ini adalah satu pengajaran agar kita sentiasa meningkatkan perpaduan di antara kaum," katanya. Yeow berkata MCA akan menganjurkan majlis berbuka puasa Jumaat ini di surau tersebut di mana kira-kira 500 jemputan dari pelbagai kaum dijangka hadir. Selasa lepas, polis menahan empat remaja berusia 16 dan 18 tahun untuk membantu siasatan polis berhubung kejadian itu. Mereka kini ditahan reman selama empat hari. -BERNAMA-

Persoalannya...siapa yang selama ni dok racun pemikiran 4 orang budak yang kena tangkap ni hingga mereka ke tahap berani mempersendakan rumah Allah? Siapa yang bacul sangat sehinggakan orang bukan Islam begitu berani memperlekehkan Islam?

Kalau kena kat Melayu...maaf!

Kalau kena kat keling dan cina...racist!

Kah kah kah...bagus la dok negara Islam bernama Malaysia ni.

Hina Allah...minta maaf.

Hina Islam...minta maaf.

Simbah cat, arak, kencing, ludah kat surau dan masjid pun...minta maaf.

Tindakan tiada.

Aman selamanya.

Kesimpulannya...Pemimpin UMNO & PAS dua2 pun BINGAI!

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